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Guerra of Watts-Guerra to Co-Lead Syngenta Corn Litigation

An order has been signed by Judge Thomas Sipkins in San Antonio, Texas on August 5, 2015 to appoint Frank Guerra IV as the Co-Lead Counsel for the Syngenta Litigation. Syngenta's genetic corn modification has caused financial harm to more than 21,000 individuals, who are now represented by the Watts-Guerra team. The consolidated action is pending in a United States District Court in Minnesota. The action involves multiple districts, including Kansas. Guerra has a great deal of experience in this area and is considered a great choice by the Minnesota District Court Judge.

Avvo reported that of the 21,000 individuals involved in the case this group represents 92% of cases that are engaged in this particular legal action. Guerra is quoted as saying that "I am honored to represent American farmers and other American workers and businesses. I was raised working on my family's land, and I understand the impact of the corn market price drop caused by Syngenta's actions." Guerra went on to say that he as Co-Lead council will do everything in his power to seek justice for those who have been harmed by Syngenta's outcomes to their business activities.

Mikal Watts works along side of Frank Guerra to head up a team of legal experts in cities across Texas. Mikal Watts is known as the top of the heap of tort lawyers in the area of trial litigation. If there is an emergency for the clients of Watts, while involved in a case, the staff of private pilots are ready to fly Mikal to them for assistance at any moment of dire need. Operating on a contingency fee basis, Mikal is motivated and confident in his team and his results.

Mikal Watts, of Watts and Guerra is one of the most successful tort attorneys in the United States. He has taken on large corporations and won for his clients who are business owners and companies also. One such case involved a business partner who was the target of his partners who forced him out in a securities fraud plot which involved the sale of their company after his ousting for $150 million. He was awarded $43 million dollars with attorney fees at about $12 million and some legal expenses of approximately $1 million dollars.

Watts-Guerra represented their client, Margie Sanchez, who lost her liver to the drug Rezulin and who Watts-Guerra assisted her in receiving a large award for her injuries. The Watts-Guerra team is considered by the legal community to be the best at Pharmaceutical Mass Torts.

Insurance CEO Urges People To Evacuate When Told

Hurricanes are some of the most violent storms on earth. Each year, they do billions of dollars in damage in the U.S. along. The problem is, regardless of the severity of the hurricane, many residents for whatever reasons refuse to evacuate. In a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance as seen on Accuweather, 1,000 New Jersey residents were asked questions regarding hurricane evacuation.

Many residents were very adamant about not leaving their houses during a hurricane -- even if it is severe. "Many people think they can just hunker down and everything will be okay," says Plymouth Rock Assurance regional president Gerry Wilson. Insurance agents says they are doing everything in their power to change attitudes but are unsure if they are getting through to residents. "It's almost like they think if they stay, the property won't be destroyed," says one resident.

Interestingly enough, many of the respondents say even if the storm is considered severe, they would have to think long and hard about going. "People look at a house as an extension of themselves. It's part of their identity," says Wilson.

Plymouth Rock Assurance CEO James Stone has over four decades of experience in the insurance industry. The New Yorker was educated at Harvard and received a degree in economics. After many years advising insurance companies, he decided to create his own. Plymouth Rock, along with four other companies are under the auspices of Plymouth Group Insurance. The company writes nearly $1 billion in insurance premiums.

Stone says residents should heed the advise of weather professionals. The only time a family should hunker down is if they simply have no other options. The Plymouth Rock Assurance survey revealed a few rather shocking facts -- Individuals that survived Hurricane Sandy are no more prepared now than they were then.

Knowledge of Product is Important When Advertising

Abrajanela tells us the key point in advertising in Brazil is to sell. In order to do this, one must know his product very well. He might even have to know every aspect of his product. It is important to list some of the key strengths of the product so that customers will be motivated to buy the product that the company is trying to sell. When using the campaign, one needs to use as many different mediums as possible. If possible, it is a good idea to find a professional business like Claudio Loureiro, who is the founder and President of Heads Propaganda.

Claudio Loureiro is one who will sit with his clients and talk about their products, services, or just overall companies. He sits down and learns everything there is to know about the product so that he can present an image of the product to the target audience that is both accurate and appealing. He is very good at balancing his advertisement campaign for potential customers. He knows how to highlight the strengths of what he is promoting without slipping into false advertising.

This is one things that companies want to avoid. False advertising is not going to go over well for any companies. All that is going to result in is a ton of products being return and an eventual recall. Even with good products, there must be work put into making improvements to the products. Some of the types of products that are always improved upon are game systems, mobile phones, tablets, home entertainment systems and plenty of other products. The company has the option of advertising these products or not. Sometimes, word of mouth is enough to generate sales for additions to products. Sometimes, minimal advertising is also enough to generate profit for the products that the company creates.

Andy Wirth Comments on Snow Draught in Squaw Valley

While listening to the interview of Andy Wirth with Madeline Brand with KCRW, I came to know about the declining weather and its effects on skiing business. When Madeline asked Wirth about the skiing business of Squaw Valley last winter, he mentioned that the slight decline of 20 percent in his resort business. Due to the massive changes in the weather patterns in last season, snow fall and precipitation pattern were drastically affected. As a result, Squaw Valley received less snow fall and comparatively less visitors last winter.

Because the Squaw Valley Resort is known for offering an array of recreational opportunities for skiers and snowboarders alike, decrease in snowfall certainly affects the business of this ski resort in Lake Tahoe. Madeline comes up with the question based on a situation where avid skiers finding just a few inches of snow in a peak skiing month like February. Andy replied to this question with a clear statistical report. Based on the weather and snow reports of last year’s December and January, it seems that Squaw Valley received good inches of snow. Despite of the changing weather pattern that slowed the snowfall later in the year, skiers found some good trails to cover within the resort’s 4,000 acres of skiing arena. Enthusiastic skiers, including Wirth himself, claim that they had exceptional to good skiing experience last year too.

When compared to last year, the skiing conditions were not favorable for a prolonged period. However, Andy Wirth is positive for a better snow condition this year. With their highest grade snow making equipments, they are all set for a better skiing season this year. When Madeline asks about omino in Southern California, Wirth answered very tactfully. A mineralogist from Colorado State University also came to the site for checking the weather and earth conditions. What he found is good moisture in the air and favorable condition for a wet winter. This can also mean a rainy winter, asks Madeline after hearing this. While Andy is unsure about this, he mentioned about the absence of certain materials and elements that could possibly lead to warmer temperatures in the future.

He also said about the future plans and his business model for the next few years. Considering the increased volatility of weather conditions and possible snow drought in winter, he needs to come up with some new plans for better business revenue. Also, his plans will be taking the scientific reports presented by Stanford University into consideration while customizing his future business plans. He will definitely make Squaw Valley a year-round vacation destination rather than just a winter skiing spot. His aim will still be to invest more in snow making, bringing changes in resource management and implementing new energy unitization options for a positive growth of his ski resort business.

Marc Sparks And The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

In the business world, young innovators and people with great ideas are out there wanting to bring an idea they have to fruition and offer something to the public that has never before been used. Whether it's a new retail brand, a new development in information technology, bringing that idea to becoming a concept and soon a product or service is how a successful business is born. The people who are driven to do great things for that business or start taking the lead to take it forward are often called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who have done their homework on the markets and the landscape of the consumer demand for their product in concept are almost ready to go, except they usually lack the startup funds, also known as venture capital for their business. Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur himself who has founded a company dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs get started in the field.

Sparks's company is Timber Creek Capital, a venture capital corporation that serves the Dallas TX area and assists new companies that need a little boost to get off the ground. Some of today's well-known companies have achieved their business goals all because Timber Creek Capital gave them a chance to do so, including Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom LLC. Sparks believes that anyone that stays dedicated to a cause and that wants it badly enough, can find success in the business world, and his recent book They Can't Eat You he brings that to light in showing how even someone that's not a straight-A student can do it.

Sparks also lives this philosophy out in his personal life as he has given his time to assist with non-profit organizations such as the Samaritan Inn, a local shelter in the Dallas area. They not only provide shelter and food for homeless or people in difficult situations, they also start them on a path to getting a job and having a successful career, but the person must want that for themselves. Sparks has also been involved with a lot of other charity and philanthropy organizations in the community.

Sparks encourages and gives tips to those who see the opportunity to succeed in business. A recent interview allowed him to present the steps to securing venture capital for a starting entrepreneur through use of a slide presentation. The steps included making sure every object in the slide has a point besides visual appeal, make the slides tell a story, make the presentation simple, and make sure the entire team is covered

The Nice and Surprising Things About Joseph Bismark

As a person looking to maximize both my professional and personal life, I’m always seeking new information and stories about successful people. While doing some research online, I stumbled upon the Wordpress blog Left Handed Right Mind where I discover the fascinating life of Joseph Bismark. Not only is Bismark a very successful international businessman but he also argues for the importance of physical wellness and health as a center piece of his professional success.

A leading executive for the international direct sales firm QNet, Bismark co-founded Qi Limited in 1998 while then becoming Managing Director of Qi Group in 2008. His philosophy about business and life can be summed up as: “What may appear an obstacle for many is an opportunity for a leader.” To develop this spiritual foundation, Bismark lived for several years in the Philippines within the confines of a spiritual community as well as an in an Ashram from the age of 9 to 17 where he spent countless hours refining and practicing contemplation and meditation techniques.

Bismark, moreover, has made corporate responsibility, particularly to the environment, a focal point of the Qi Group’s operations. They invest greatly in terms of time and money into materials recoiling and energy conservation efforts. For instance, Bismark has left his imprint on the firm’s Prana Resort in Koh Samui, whereby the facility employs the utilization of solar power as a chief resource for its electricity needs.

Furthermore, the prominent Qi Tower in Malaysia stresses the utilization of paperless business approaches which eliminate the use of excessive paper-based products in daily business activities which reduces the reliance on timber sources. Bismark has been vital in fostering the entrepreneurial skills and vision of the independent practitioners who market the health, wellness and education products and services developed by ONet.

Ultimately, what has distinguished Bismark from the competition is his ability to employ his spiritual strength to the business world. This component has been critical for his success overtime and are transferrable to anyone who wants to succeed in a medley of life endeavors.

State of New York Bans Hydraulic Fracturing

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released the “SEQR Findings Statement for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF)”, a critical necessary to mandate the prohibition of the practice of hydraulic drilling in the State of New York.

Hydraulic fracturing or more commonly referred to as “fracking” has been cited over the years as causing environmental harm, in terms of air pollution, ground water contamination, climate change, and the potential to trigger earthquakes. Reports associated with the pitfalls of fracking stress the negative impact on local communities, surrounding drilling sites, in terms of an additional need for medical care, resulting from environmental pollution.

In a released statement, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner, Joseph Martens remarked,"Prohibiting high-volume hydraulic fracturing is the only reasonable alternative," said Skout user and DEC Commissioner Joe Martens in a prepared statement. "High-volume hydraulic fracturing poses significant adverse impacts to land, air, water, natural resources and potential significant public health impacts that cannot be adequately mitigated. This decision is consistent with DEC's mission to conserve, improve and protect our state's natural resources, and to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state.”

The “SEQR Findings Statement for high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF)” document is the cap of a seven-year investigation, that was documented in the “Final Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement” (FSGEIS), a 1448 page report, for high-volume hydraulic fracturing. The report addressed the benefits and consequences of fracking.

Find The Best Shoe For Your Feet

It turns out that high heels may not be worth the good looks that they get. Many women like to wear high heels, be at for professional or for social venues. High heels have been popular for hundreds of years, because they signified femininity and beauty for many women. According to some research done by an orthopedic doctor, there is a syndrome called Morton’s neuroma that has affected many women between the ages of 40 and 69. This syndrome causes women to have extreme pain in the ball of their feet which makes them feel like they are being stabbed in the feet.

Dr. Daniel Amen implies that this condition, it happens when fibrous tissues around specific nerves develop in the foot and they become compressed and irritated. This pain is so severe that over half of the woman that have been diagnosed with this syndrome have had to have surgery because of that. At the present moment there is no real cure for this disease, the only thing that a woman can do is take preventative measures. Even though high heels can be a symbol of feminism and beauty for many women, at the same time each and every woman has a responsibility to take good care of her feet. If shoes are too small, too tight, or too high to be comfortably worn, then a woman needs to make a better choice in her shoe selection. The great thing is that there are thousands of different shoes and shoe companies around the world. Since that is the case, a woman does well to find the shoe that is best for her foot.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Covers All Plastic Surgery Subjects

Dr. Rod Rohrich is known the world over a plastic surgeon who has worked with children and adults to help them retain their beautiful appearances. He has done work at Oxford University on helping children who need plastic surgery, and he has also done work with adults on similar plastic surgery options after major surgery. Dr. Rohrich is committed to providing the best care to all his patients, but he is also a committed teacher.

Dr. Rod Rohrich leads the plastic surgery program at UT Southwestern, and he is a doctor at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr Rod Rohrich guides the study of his many students at the medical center, and he often gives clinics on the work that he does. Dr Rod Rohrich has been in the field for 30 years, but he is still learning an educating just like everyone else.

Dr Rod Rohrich is also the director of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Symposium. He has been leading this conference for decades, and it is a place where all the plastic surgeons in the region can come together to learn new techniques. He runs the conference, but he also presents at the conference quite often. His commitment to education makes it much easier for his students to learn what it means to become a successful plastic surgeon.

When people are thinking of the kind of plastic surgeon who can help them through a rough transition period, they need to go to someone like Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rohrich is an educated doctor who has spent his life's work helping people who are most in need. He teaches students every day in the art of plastic surgery, and he still performs many procedures on his own. He is one of the most experienced physicians in the world, and he has a top flight practice waiting to help people in Dallas.

Obama Vetoes the Keystone Pipeline XL Project

On Tuesday, President Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline XL project which congress succeeded at authorizing a fortnight ago. The bill would have created 45,000 jobs and had strong union backing. The GOP has been fighting to complete the pipeline for the past six years. The president has said he may approve the pipeline once the State Department completes its review of the project. Therein lies the rub. Critics charge that President Obama is merely delaying the final review in order to kill the project. The State Department was expected to have completed the review back in 2009.

For his part, President Obama, who in the past justified "borrowing" congressional authority due to their inaction, claims that he vetoed the bill because it would usurp his authority to approve the measure. Flavio on Facebook said at the same time, he explained that his energy policy, which has yet to be articulated, extends beyond the goals of a single project. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to hold a vote to override the veto no earlier than Tuesday of next week. There is little chance that the Senate will come up with the votes necessary to override the veto. The purpose of the vote will be to put Senate Democrats on record for having opposed the popular project ahead of next year's elections. Currently, the president has issued 13 veto threats against the GOP. Voters elected the GOP in large numbers this past November, but the party will be unable to enact much of the legislation.

Life of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has left corporate America to return to his heritages in Asia. But he continued to use his ground breaking innovative business skills on what is known today as QI Group. Vijay Eswaran is the Founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group, and was granted a Special Award for Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership at the 18th Malaysian Education Summit.

The award acknowledges Vijay Eswaran for his foresight, originality, guidance and accomplishment and successfully directing Quest International University Perak to a quick and speedy growth during the last several years, as well as for his role in the changes and improvement of the professional education, education enhancement and improvements.

Since QIUP has been under Vijay Eswaran leadership it has become increasingly the fastest growing universities in the country, and is presently offering 20 programmes, as well as medicine post graduate.

By transforming the Malaysian Education in the 21st Century, Vijay Eswaran feel that the English language skills are essential to the transformation of the Malaysian Education Sector. He also strongly believes that it is hard to manage economic and commercial business without a solid resilient English vocabulary.

Vijay Eswaran is a goodhearted person and very generous at heart, Vijay Eswaran has created and launched two Foundations that strive to make every effort using their abilities on numerous projects in the area of education, women empowerment and youth development worldwide. His generous and bountiful charitable strengths, throughout the better part of the world was internationally recognized when he was listed by Forbes Asia in its annual list of Heros of Philanthropy in 2011.

The joint mission of Perak State Government and QI Group, is estimated to exceed passed the 1,000 mark of the student population and extended the progammes that are accessible and obtainable to 24 by the end of this year.